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The 6 Steps to Starting & Growing Your Professional Family Life Practice

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Starting and Growing a Family Life Education & Coaching Practice may seem like an overwhelming idea, unless you understand what steps to take, the importance of each step, and have easy-to-follow directions for moving from one step to the next, in logical order. 

With a balance of information, instruction, and examples, this multimedia learning experience features six modules, each with topic-focused lessons in audio, video and handouts. Bonus resources include how-to instructions, guides, templates, and checklists. 

All of it is designed to deliver a never-before-offered opportunity for family life professionals to receive research-informed business training, based on relationship-building, education-based business and marketing practices.

Whether you want want to start a non-profit or for-profit business, are just starting out or want to fill in gaps in your business plan, you’ll find eye-opening aha's, mind-shifting concepts, and practical applications of sound theory specific to family life practice.

Approved for Continuing Education Credits for the Certified Family Life Educator program through the National Council on Family Relations. This training offers 16 contact hours or 1.6 CFLE CEUs.

What Are the 6 Steps?

Step 1: Plant the Seed

WHY do you want to serve?

YOUR MINDSET is Your Inner Foundation. No matter WHAT you do or HOW you do it, WHY you do it (or don't do follow-through) is the biggest factor influencing your success. Your mindset is a reflection of your subconscious beliefs, but brain researchers say these are mostly negative and run about 97-99% of the time, overriding your conscious intentions. Your mindset can create resistance, fear, procrastination, and other blocks that can influence your decisions and sabotage your success. So this crucial first step supports you in identifying your vision, goals, strengths, and mindset blocks, and how to remove them.

Step 2: Establish Roots

WHO do you want to serve?

PRE-PLANNING DECISIONS are critical to your success. People form trusting relationships with people they think understand them and can help them solve their unique problems. If you try to be everything to everyone, you will resonate with no one. If you agree to serve everyone, you will find that some people suck your energy while others elevate it. So you want to get crystal clear about WHO you want to serve and how you will structure your practice so those people will find and choose to work with you. The decisions you make during this step will drive everything you do at every other step, so it's important not to guess or make assumptions. Instead, you want to know which decisions to make and how to make them, based on solid research and proven-effective practices.

Step 3: Develop the Trunk 

WHAT do you want to serve?

YOUR RESOURCE & PROGRAM OFFERINGS are the heart and soul of your business. Unfortunately. most people create what they want to offer or believe people need, assuming people know they need it! Then they offer it to the world, sometimes spending a ton of money on marketing, and wonder why people don't flock to their doors! Doing things organically may feel right, but being organized when creating the content for your programs & services --- including when, where, and how to offer them, and what to price them --- can prevent a lot of costly, time-consuming trial and error. 

Step 4: Branch Out 

WHERE do you want to serve?

HAVING AN INTERNET PRESENCE is essential. Deciding where people can get what you offer may seem like a simple decision: Are you local, national or international? Do you offer your programs and resources on-line or live? Regardless of these answers you need a website, so people can find you quickly, start getting to know, like and trust you, and sample what you do. So you need to know what makes an engaging, effective website, even if you are going to hire someone else to design and write it.

Step 5: Grow & Mature

HOW will they find you?

MARKETING MAKES YOU VISIBLE & CREDIBLE. Your Family Life practice may be a way for your dreams to come true, but just because you create and launch it, it doesn't mean people will come. If you or your website are invisible, you'll serve no one! So you want to use the Top Ten education-based relationship-building marketing strategies that are best suited for Family Life professionals. When you use a mix of these, ongoing, you increase your visibility and credibility, while educating and serving, not selling.  

Step 6: Expand & Repopulate

WHEN will you end?

START WITH THE END IN MIND. Are you afraid of growth? What will happen if you are so successful you have more clients than you can handle? Will you close your doors? Put your light under a bushel? Intead of fearing growth, plan for it, by starting with the end in mind. Whether your goal is early retirement or to create a legacy, plan now for future growth and expansion by making your business automated and scalable, so others can replicate what you do, reach more people, and carry on your legacy, even when you aren't there yourself.. 

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Your Tuition Includes

Each 90-minute to 2-hour Module lncludes:

  • Pre-recorded content webinars presented in video, audio and print handouts, so you can learn, review, or refesh yourself on the core content anytime, at your convenience.
  • Practical application exercises to get you into action-mode and completing tasks that move you through each step.
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  • Live Group Coaching and Support Calls/Webinars. Ask questions and clarify what you learned. Bounce off your ideas with like-minded collegues! Give and get feedback about your programs, resources, marketing! (Everyone signs a non-discloure agreement, to protect each person's intellectual property rights.) Participate in "Implementation Accountability Days," to keep you moving forward! 
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Most Modules Offer BONUS Content 

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  • Guest Speakers who can provide more in-depth information, expertise, and follow-up training and support on specific steps and tasks.  
  • Recommended resources for learning more or outsourcing your projects and tasks. 
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Upon Graduating, you will have a program or product, a website, and lead-generating resource. Then, we will:

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  • One-year's complimentary membership in a graduate networking and support group.

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PRESENTED BY: Jody Johnston Pawel, LSW, CFLE is a second-generation parent educator and award-winning author of a research-informed parenting curriculum and book. Since 1980, she has trained parents and professionals and served as an expert to the media. In 1986, she founded a non-profit parent-support organization still going strong 25 years later. From 1992 to 2002, she coordinated a nonprofit prevention program. In 1993, she created Parent’s Toolshop® Consulting to offer her parenting services and resources worldwide. Since 1998, she has received comprehensive, advanced marketing training, and served on the training teams of top marketing experts. She has presented marketing workshops, articles and textbook chapters on marketing for NCFR CFLEs.