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What Others Say about Jody's Business Workshops & Leadership

"You have moved me at least one quantum leap in my knowledge, if not several. This is a program-changing experience. You have taken me forward significantly in my comfort and desire to do this. — Eve Sullivan, Parents Forum, MA (about the 2007 NEPI bonus call on “Writing Bonus Statements and Creating Digital Resources.” To hear the full 1-minute testimonial of her and Don Schilling, from NEPI, CLICK HERE.) 

The all-day Marketing Magic workshop, presented at the 2002 NCFR conference, was an information-packed workshop filled with practical tips and advice for marketing family programs. Jody is an excellent speaker and shares her years of experience in an entertaining manner that includes ample audience participation. The handouts alone are worth the cost of the seminar! — Dawn Cassidy, M.Ed., CFLE, Certification Director, National Council on Family Relations.

Thank you for the marketing workshop you provided to our ... statewide staff. We received particularly positive feedback from the staff on the portion of your presentation that related to our existing web site. Your review of our current web site content and discussion of strategies to improve this information was extremely useful. Staff appreciated the tailoring of this topic to our specific information. It put the theory into practical application. ... We look forward to implementing your ideas and may be contacting you again in the future for consultation as we develop additional materials. — Debra D. Andersen, Chief, Child Guidance Service, Family Health Services, Oklahoma State Dept. of Health (Click here to read the entire letter 2007)

Thank you so much for doing the webinar today! On behalf of the Events & Planning committee, I wanted to make sure you knew how much we appreciated your willingness to do the webinar for us. You hit the ball outta the park today for us. That was such a professional, well-prepared, well-delivered webinar, we couldn’t have asked for more …… well, other than another hour or two – ha! I know many of the participants were very pleased with the information. I took 3 pages of notes – I loved it! You clearly have lots to offer and we’re grateful that FLCA was an avenue for you to get much needed information out to Family Life Coaching professionals. --- Debbie Farr, PhD, Co-founder of Family Life Coach Association (2017)

Jody has been a Team Leader numerous times for all three of my training programs since 2005. She won the Outstanding Leadership Award in Product Factory, was a Team Leader for the first Web Traffic School, and I chose her to be the Team Leader’s Team Leader for the first team-based Book Yourself Solid program. She’s motivating, encouraging, and builds rapport and comradery among her teammates. She also offers such valuable, practical business and marketing advice that I’ve even asked her to fill in for me on a Mastermind training call. Anyone who attends Jody’s marketing training programs or is on her team will benefit greatly from her knowledge, guidance and leadership. --- Michael Port, creator of the Book Yourself Solid training program and best-selling book and internationally-reknown marketing expert.

 Jody was chosen as the Outstanding Team Leader for the 90-Day Product Factory (PF), Web Traffic School (TS) and Book Yourself Solid (BYS) Teams Here's What her Team Members Have to Say About Jody's Mentoring and Coaching

Jody Pawel is an Outstanding Leader and deserves "The Outstanding Leadership Award" in the 90-Day Product Factory program. Jody Pawel is highly talented, highly motivated and is the kind of person who in my opinion, if she wanted to, could succeed in almost any business. Indeed, if I weren’t retired, I would readily have recruited her for one of my own businesses. — John Williamson - The Wealth Coach TM, "The UK's Original and Most Distinguished Wealth Coach" (PF2)

Jody is a fountain of resources and support. She walks her talk to assist those in the helping professions to promote their services with integrity. Jody is uniquely qualified to bridge the gap between the non-profit and business world. As an award-winning parenting instructor as well as marketing consultant, she blends a commitment to service with marketing savvy. — Susie Leonard Weller, parenting instructor, life and spiritual coach and PF2 teammate.  

I want to encourage every team member to schedule a talk with Jody. I did and it was Fantastic! Jody was very helpful in helping me redefine my project and also gave me several important resources. Frankly, our conversation was worth the price of PF3 alone. her. — Bob Houle, (PF3)  

Jody is a fantastic team leader who is about positive mutual support and facilitating win-win outcomes for everyone. She is very skilled at bringing members together as a team in helping each person succeed and sharing unique skills and knowledge with each other. Jody is excellent at helping team members get through their respective hurdles that seem to come up along the way. For people developing information products, especially helping professionals, Jody brings her many talents, background, and experience to the table. — Iris Bell, MD PhD, (PF3)  

Jody Pawel is an incredible business woman. Her honest and candid feedback will hit home and come when you most need it. Genuine, insightful, and incredibly caring, Jody was always available at a moments notice to help encourage, inspire, and guide our team. Continually going above and beyond, she still schedules and leads meetings for our PF3 team -four months later.-- Julie Hunt, currently Senior Manager, Digital Products at Chopra Center for Wellbeing (PF3)  

Wow! And many thanks, Jody. You helped me overcome my product-creating fears and managed to gently keep me on task so that my valuable time and financial investment were proven to be well spent. I repeat: Wow! -- Kathleen Rake,, Clear, clean, and clever writing, client-care, and marketing solutions for real-life people in real-world business. (PF3)  

I had the great fortune to be a part of Jody’s team during Product Factory which is an intense, content-rich, production course. Without Jody, I would have floundered in overwhelm and fallen out of the program. Her teleclass leadership skills are stellar. Nothing was too big of a problem in Jody’s world; she either had a personal example of a solution, knew of outside resources, found the ideas in other people, or knew the direction to go to search. Her optimism and positivity shone through every task. When around Jody, nothing seemed impossible. Jody has a way of balancing empathy with enthusiasm that is infectious. Jody leads by example; she is organized and goes the extra mile, inspiring everyone around her to stretch outside their own comfort zone and grow. She has the sweet ability to include everyone in discussion AND finish the task on time. — Linda Schaumleffel, Olympic Medalist (PF4)  

I decided to take BYS when I was challenged with marketing my book, "Acceptable Behavior Checkbook". I didn't know how to express how the book helped strong willed children. I knew the system worked, but to explain it was another story. When I joined Jody's team in BYS I was impressed with her attentive nature. She listened to all of us and has constructive feedback which helped us integrate the materials in a very hands-on fashion. I am pleased to say that I am able to express what I do and how the system works so much so that I am already booked for speaking engagements and have attracted greater interest in my book. — Monique Gallagher, , Helping parents of strong willed children turn defiance into joyful cooperation (BYS 9-2006).  

As our stellar Book Yourself Solid program team leader, Jody’s warmth, enthusiasm, and personal connection draws out the best in every member. She fosters an exchange of ideas and creates an environment of support and collaboration. Thanks to her generous sharing of her vast resources, our BYS team had the highest completion rate in the program. Jody knows what to do, how to do it, and where to find it—and she shares it all! What more can you ask? — Donna Mills, (BYS 9-2006)  

Jody’s leadership skills outshine them all. Her marketing expertise made our experience fun and practical. Her energy and motivational skills kept us going, even when we wanted to quit. Jody’s warmth and understanding always made me feel like a part of her family. She even coached me in a family situation, giving me the support I needed to move beyond this challenge and the courage I needed to continue with the program.— Cheryl Culbertson, C.P.C. C.F.C. N.L.P. C.D.C. 

As my team leader in The 90 Day Product Factory, Jody was always quick to acknowledge my work with endorsements and appreciation. I blossomed under her leadership. After coming from 18 years of being undervalued and underpaid, running my family’s real estate business, I felt starved for appreciation and support. Jody helped me to transition my ‘lone cowboy’ mentality of doing it all by myself, to one of inclusion and a belief that it was not only okay to ask for help, but preferred and expected in oder to achieve the greatest of success. 

But the best was yet to come. It’s always a lightbulb moment when someone recognizes something In you, that you never saw in yourself. Jody was that person for me. When she nominated me as a team leader, I saw myself as a leader for the first time. That was a defining moment for me. During my time as a team leader I flourished knowing that she believed in me and was there to support me. Whatever I needed, from tech help to a pat on the back, or a listening ear, she was there for me.  

Thanks to Jody, I am today the leader that she saw in me then. With Jody leading your team, not only can you be certain of winning, but under her leadership more people will be encouraged to be leaders.  

— Andrea Amador, author, “Lovin’ the Skin You’re In: Body Confidence Coaching for Women,” (PF4)